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Until now, if you wanted to make more money with your blog, you would have to spend dozens of hours researching and learning the skills and tools required or pay thousands of dollars for someone to do it for you.

Those days are over.

Do you want to make more money from your blog?

  • Reach new customers through organic search – without alienating your current readers.
  • Use social media to find and reach your ideal customer.
  • Create a web presence that engages current and potential customers.
  • Provide more value for readers and more income for yourself.


You need me.

It’s time to level the playing field.

If you want to make more money from your blog or website, you have to know the business.

Monetization is not just for star bloggers. You can profit from your blog. On the other hand, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. There’s lots of bad information floating around.

You need to learn how to do it for yourself.

You have come to the right place.

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Tara is a great speaker with an innate ability to teach in a way that is results-oriented yet easily understandable.

The Power to Do It Yourself

I can empower you to make money from your blog. I’ll teach you what you need to know, and you’ll be on your way.

When you schedule time with me, the following will happen:

  • Prior to our meeting, you’ll tell me what you need to learn and why.
  • I’ll review of your site as it currently exists to see where we need to start.
  • We’ll talk about your goals for your business and your site.
  • In a personalized lesson, you’ll learn the basics. I’ll answer your questions and teach you what you need to implement on your site.
  • You’ll leave our meeting with a checklist of things To Do to work toward your income goals.

What do you need to begin profiting?

Income Evaluation – Blog Coaching

You need a coaching session to talk through an issue you’re having or get some advice specific to your site. You may want to learn how to insert a code or make your ads work better, or you may need to talk through a question or brainstorm ways to capitalize on a good idea.



Income Multiplication – SEO Tutorial

You have an existing community. Your readers are loyal and visit often. You are doing everything right. You may have CPM or CPA ads, and you want to increase your earnings. You may have private ads, and you want to charge more.

You need to learn how to do search engine optimization, to bring your content to people who are searching for it.



Income Expansion – Site Audit

Your blog has been around a while, and you may have made some mistakes as you learned how to manage a website. You are getting some traffic from search engines, but it’s random and sporadic.

You need an honest and complete look at your site from traffic sources to keyword usage to backlinks, and you need to know how to optimize your site the right way.



Income Genesis – Monetization From the Ground Up

You’ve worked hard to establish yourself as an authority.  Your blog is your passion. It fills a need; readers love it. You haven’t made money from it yet, and you are ready to tap into its value.

Or maybe your blog isn’t growing at the rate you’d hoped and you want to attract new, loyal readers. You want to build a bigger, stronger community. You want to do better.

You want to make more money from your site without compromising its integrity.

You don’t know where to begin. You need to understand the process of monetization. You need to learn what options are available to you, how to market yourself and your site, and how to move forward into your blog’s next chapter by building traffic, accessing multiple revenue streams, and leveraging your existing network.

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Tara is such an excellent teacher – so cool under pressure! She made SEO sound like English, which is QUITE a feat, if you ask me!

Need another option?

Perhaps you need help figuring out which of the above fits best or  have a different project in mind all together.

Perhaps you are looking for a dynamic speaker to prevent to your group.

Perhaps you aren’t sure exactly what you need, but you know I’m the one who can help you to figure it out.

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