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My writing appears across the internet, on a combination of blogs and websites and in eBooks. Specifically, my work has appeared on Dayspring’s (in)courage blog,, and numerous personal blogs and e-zines. I am a frequent contributor to’s Momformation blog, and I have contributed to,, and in the past.


Feels Like Home encourages  readers through a variety of posts: food and cooking tips, craft ideas, home management hints, and a myriad of parenting (mis)adventures that help make her readers’ lives easier – or at least make them laugh.

Feels Like Home Blog is a leader in the mom blog community because it help readers do all of things they have to do – a little faster, a little easier, and a little better. Readers trust Feels Like Home because posts allow even those with limited cooking and crafting skills to successfully  complete projects.

Everyone eats. Everyone maintains a home, and most maintain a yard or garden. Many people entertain family and friends in their homes. Everyone strives to be physically and emotionally healthy. All parents play with their children, provide them with toys and gifts, and plan outings.

In 4 years, Tara has helped hundreds of thousands of readers to create tutus, prepare dinner, clean house, manage money, and just about everything else that they have to do. She encourages. She laughs. She struggles. Her readers are along for the ride.

Harrisburg Area Moms

Harrisburg Area Moms is devoted to highlighting the best local businesses, activities, and attractions for local families and those who visit the Harrisburg area.

Tara owns and manages the writing team at Harrisburg Area Moms, and she occasionally writes content.

Sonsi Living

Tara is the featured Life at Home blogger at Sonsi Living, where she publishes one to three posts per week on home-related subjects (including raising a family, crafts, home management, and more).



eBook Author

Tara’s first eBook, called How to Host Your Best Thanksgiving Ever, will be released in September 2011, in plenty of time to plan a Canadian and American Thanksgiving celebration.

Tara’s second eBook, A Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for the Rest of Us: SEO Suggestions to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic, is coming soon!