SEO Specialist

After employing basic search engine optimization strategies to my blog, its search engine traffic increased by 900% in 12 months.

Realizing the impact that good SEO could have on any site, I began to help other bloggers to optimize their sites and appear higher in search results. Through speaking engagements and individual consultations, I have assisted bloggers in every niche to improve their rankings and traffic.

Search engine optimization is an ever changing mix of art and science, laden with jargon. I will help you to unscramble the terms and implement proven strategies on your site.

Sunday Stillwell
I need someone who totally gets SEO to tell me exactly what to do. Tara does just that.
Kelly Whalen
Tara is not only extremely knowledgeable about SEO, but is able to decipher what seems to be a complex topic into easy to understand instructions for those of us who don’t speak SEO.
Tiffany Romero & Bloggy Boot Camp
Tara is a bright, engaging and knowledgeable speaker. She takes the complicated topic of SEO and breaks it down into clear and effective terminology. She is a true professional and I would absolutely hire her for future engagements.

I am also available to help develop and implement SEO strategy for business clients including startups and corporations and to train employees and authors on writing that will wow search engines and readers alike.